1015 S. Packard
Kansas City, Kansas 66105-2128


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Mon – Fri: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Sat: 8:00am to noon

We Buy Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Scrap

We accept non-ferrous scrap (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) and ferrous scrap (iron, steel, autos… metal that sticks to a magnet).

What We Buy

How Do I Sell My Scrap?

First time selling your scrap metal to AMR? Don’t worry, it’s easy. Simply follow the map and instructions below.

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kansas city amr site map


step one recycling scrap metal

Enter AMR off Cheyenne Avenue and follow signs to the scale.

step two recycling scrap metal

Meet the Inspector for instructions and pull onto the inbound scale.

step three recycling scrap metal

Pull forward off the inbound scale and proceed to the scrap pile. The Inspectors will direct traffic flow for safety.

step four scrap metal recycling

Pull onto the outbound scale. When instructed take the ticket from the white box and continue to pull off the scale.

step five scrap metal recycling

Park in the lot next to the scale and take the ticket to the ATM for payment.


nonferrous scrap metal recycling

Enter the Non-ferrous area off Cheyenne Ave.

nonferrous recycling process

Pull forward to the warehouse or to the express lane for cans.

recycling steps

When instructed pull inside the warehouse and place items on the scale.

nonferrous recycling steps

Once all items are weighed pull through the warehouse and park at the cashier station. Take ticket to Cashier.

nonferrous recycling steps

Take ticket to ATM for payment.